You can buy our audio recordings of words

We had several requests about whether our audio recordings are available for sale. And the answer is yes! If you need audio recordings of individual words, you can buy nonexclusive perpetual world-wide rights to use them to create your own digital products.

Digital products can be apps (iOS, Android), websites or software.

The price will be depend on several factors:

  1. the number of words
  2. whether you need the phonetic transcription for each word
  3. whether you need slow-speed audio

Right now the audio is available for the following languages:

  1. American English (up to 15,900 words)
  2. British English (3,800 words)
  3. French (23,500 words = 9,900 audio files)
  4. Mandarin Chinese (14,800 words = 10,000 audio files)

Some languages are available for preorder.

Learn here how you can buy our audio recordings of words.

On the above page you can download the word lists and samples audio.