More neural text-to-speech voices

We just added more text-to-speech voices for people who have subscription Premium.

Google started adding more and more Neural2 voices to their text-to-speech service that we use on

Now there is a total of 54 Neural2 voices from Google, including:

  • 4 voices for Australian English
  • 5 voices for British English
  • 9 voices for Americna English
  • 2 voices for Canadian French
  • 5 voices for European French
  • 2 German voices
  • 2 Italian voices
  • 3 Japanese voices
  • 3 voices for Brazilian Portuguese
  • 6 voices for European Spanish
  • 3 voices for US Spanish

Additionally Amazon has just released a neural voice for Cantonese.

They all sound fantastic. Enjoy! 🙂