Seeking Mobile Developer for Pronunciation Mobile App

Right now I am looking for a developer who will help me create a mobile app version of Pronunciation Player.
There are two possible ways of our collaboration:
1) business partnership with profit shared 50-50 (preferable way).
2) you just create an app and charge me for your services.

Requirements overview:

1) In the case of the partnership it should be an individual or a small company from Canada or US.
2) You should have experience in developing mobile apps for both Android and iOS.
3) You should have experience in Java since Pronunciation Player is written in Java.
4) You have read my article “A Complete Guide to Language Learning. Part 1: Learning Pronunciation” available here –
5) You have tested Pronunciation Player –

The details for business partnership are as follows:

I give you the access to the source code of Pronunciation Player and will grant you exclusive rights for selling all my pronunciation courses (including future releases) on all mobile devices all around the world.
We will start by creating a private repository on Bitbucket or GitHub where the code of the future mobile app will be stored. Both of us will have reading and writing privileges for this repository. You can be the admin of the repository.
Now, during a limited amount of time (let’s say, one month), you will need to create a first fully functional prototype for at least one operating system (Android or iOS). Note that you will not be paid for that job. All our profit will come from selling the courses through the app you will create. The release for the second operating system should be scheduled within the next month after that (ideally, earlier).
You register as a developer on Apple store and Google Play store.
The app will be free with in-app purchases. We can discuss the price of full courses later.
The packages with video files for both demo and full courses will be hosted on my site. Right now the desktop version of Pronunciation Player requires the user to have an account on in order to download courses. The app will not require a registration on the main site.
The sales will be tracked via the counter on my site (each time the app requests the full course package).
You will pay me 50% of your sales at the end of each month. You may consider it as royalty for using courses materials.
I hope to find somebody who will take the project very seriously since I have plans to release courses for other languages in the future (the next course will be for American English). The project requires commitment from you, such as quick bug fixing and regular release of updates.
Of course, the above is just a draft of a business plan. If you want to adjust something, I am open for discussion.
Everybody who is interested, please send me your CV.
pronunciation audio mobile app - in need of developer

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