Plans for American English Course – Seeking Pronunciation Player Tester

Very soon I will start the recording of American English course. And I also have plans to create a mobile version of Pronunciation Player.
So right now I am looking for testers for Pronunciation Player.
The job consists in:
1) reading the description of the software
2) reading the description of one of the courses (including FAQ): French –
or Russian –
3) actual testing of the software (I will activate for you the full version of the course you have chosen. And this is permanent.)
4) after that I will need your opinion on the site / the software / the course. It would be great if you could also suggest any updates or give me ideas for the upcoming English pronunciation course / upcoming mobile app.
Everybody who is interested in this job, please contact me via the online form here –

Pronunciation audio player seeks employees to test software!

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