Tutorials on how to use phonetic translators

Last month, we created detailed tutorials that explain how to use our IPA phonetic translators.

Each phonetic translator on our website is unique. So the tutorial for our English phonetic translator is obviously different from the tutorial for our Japanese phonetic translator.

Most of the tutorials include the following sections:

  • Introduction explains how the translator works. If it uses a database (dictionary), how many words are included in the database.
  • Number of audio recordings – in case we recorded the native speakers of this language.
  • Multiple pronunciations of words. This section is included if the language has homographs and/or pronunciation variants.
  • Premium features: high-quality computer-generated audio and automatic translation
  • Built-in dictionary – in case if the converter has a built-in dictionary.
  • Create your own custom word lists
  • Broad and narrow transcription
  • Case-sensitive converter – for languages where spelling the words with upper- or lowercase letters may effect the pronunciation.
  • How to use the setting “Edit transcription”
  • How to use the setting “Hide transcription”
  • Highlighting of high-frequency words
  • Learning the given language as second language