Server Update for Language Learning Website

I updated the server for my sites related to language learning: Now the IPA phonetic converters became even faster and consume less resources. It took me almost 24 hours to solve all the problems with dependencies. As usually, Japanese morphological analyzer Mecab was the most difficult to update. Anyway, now everything seems to… Continue reading Server Update for Language Learning Website

Chinese and Japanese Site Translation Update

A small update. Right now, the site is being translated into Japanese and Chinese (some parts of it are still not fully localized). Hopefully, in one or two weeks, everything will be up and running.


There’s an update in the tool that allows to merge two subtitles in different languages into one. Now you can set the subtitle position for srt subtitles as well (top-center, top-left, bottom-center, etc.) Using this tool is a great way for language learners to have fun watching movies while learning a new foreign language.