Cantonese Jyutping Translator moved to a separate page

Up until recently in our Chinese Pinyin Translator you could choose an option to convert your Chinese text to Jyutping or IPA using Cantonese pronunciation rules. Starting from today if you want to see the Cantonese pronunciation of your Chinese text, you can do so in our Cantonese Jyutping Translator. It has the same functionality… Continue reading Cantonese Jyutping Translator moved to a separate page

Updates in German phonetic translator

We updated the algorithm of our German phonetic translator. The percentage of German words that can be converted is increased from 70 to 80%. We added more words and also improved the algorithm for words starting with be-, ge-, ent-, er-, etc.

We’re proofreading the database with French proper nouns

We decided to spend some time proofreading the database with French proper nouns for our French phonetic transcription tool. If you used it, you probably noticed that it works very well for regular words. For proper nouns the transcription is not always correct. The existing algorithm has about 1,500 proper nouns which were checked manually,… Continue reading We’re proofreading the database with French proper nouns

The text limits become tighter

TLDR: Running this website is very expensive, 99.9% of visitors don’t buy a subscription. Unfortunately, we have to make text limits tighter for unregistered users and users with free accounts. We received complains from people who bought a subscription that the site is working slowly. Indeed, during the peak hours the server response time may… Continue reading The text limits become tighter

Free self-hypnosis audio to boost your academic performance

I recorded a self-hypnosis audio that can help you improve your academic performance. It can help you become more motivated, improve your concentration, increase your ability to remember facts, and finally make the learning process more enjoyable. If you like it please share it with your friends! 🙂

Video “High Performance State for Accelerated Learning”

If you read my article about fast language learning, you probably remember that I recommend learning a language in a special state – high performance state. I recorded a video where I show three different ways to enter this state: juggling polyrhythm exercises alphabet game

Webinar on learning pronunciation

If you are still interested in language learning, I have a news for you. I published a series of webinars on learning pronunciation. I discuss in great detail how to use phonetic transcription to remember the correct pronunciation of words. If you learn English, your webinar is here – “Learning English pronunciation the smart way”… Continue reading Webinar on learning pronunciation

We now accept credit cards

We’re moving to the next step with our regional pricing. Starting from today we are accepting all major credits cards, including Visa and Master Card. The price for subscription is now recalculated in your local currency. For most countries we still continue to accept PayPal payments.

Persian phonetic transcription translator released

I was contacted recently by a man called Amin Zare. He and his team are working on phonetic transcription for Persian language. They offered me their database with IPA transcriptions of 53,000 Persian words. So now has a phonetic translator for Persian. We hope that this online tool will help you learn Persian pronunciation.

More options when you click the word in IPA phonetic translators

As I wrote previously, almost half of our visitors don’t know International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) symbols. We were thinking about how to improve the user experience for everyone, independent on whether the person knows IPA phonetic symbols or doesn’t. Finally, we came up with this idea that the user decides himself what he wants to… Continue reading More options when you click the word in IPA phonetic translators