Server updated

We updated our server. The update improves the speed and the security on the website. If you are interested, in the near future we will expand our database for American English, adding more geographical and peoples’ names.

We now accept Wechat Pay

A short announcement for our customers in China. Now, in addition to Alipay we also accept Wechat Pay. For now, the payment by Alipay and Wechat are not recurring. For security reasons we don’t want to store payment information on our website.

R-colored vowels in American English

We added a new option in our English phonetic translator. It allows you to set how r-colored vowels in American English will be displayed. For example, the phonetic transcription of the word “car” can be displayed as: [ˈkɑ˞ ], [ˈkɑr], [ˈkɑɹ], or [ˈkɑʴ]

Spanish dialects explained in Spanish phonetic translator

Some of our users were confused about Spanish dialects in our Spanish phonetic translator, since we don’t have an option to choose dialect directly. So we expanded the description of the translator. Now it explains which settings you need to choose so your text would be converted to European Spanish or Latin American Spanish.

Phonetics and phonology glossary expanded

We expanded our glossary of terms related to phonetics, phonology and phonetic transcription. Here are some of the terms we added: allophone homograph broad transcription narrow transcription Quite often we receive emails asking us whether our IPA phonetic generators support “broad” or “narrow” transcription. Our English phonetic translator supports both – broad and narrow, most… Continue reading Phonetics and phonology glossary expanded

An option to keep punctuation in phonetic transcription

Up until now the punctuation marks were preserved when you converted a text to phonetic transcription. Yesterday we added a new option which allows you to either keep punctuation marks in phonetic transcription or remove them. If you choose an option to display the phonetic transcription under each paragraph of text or to display only… Continue reading An option to keep punctuation in phonetic transcription

More text-to-speech voices

We added several more voices on our website: 4 American English 1 British English 1 European Spanish The total number of high-quality text-to-speech voices on EasyPronunciation has reached 101. Enjoy!